Football Dood (Donate) 7.10.18


Create football plays and drills to share!

Football Dood is a must have application for die hard football fans. A great clipboard or playbook application. It allows users to touch and move players around and then layer on doodles and text. Once happy with the image, users can then export that image to disk or to the in-app playbook gallery. It is tablet and phone friendly and can be used to make plays or create drills for players. Using scalable vector graphics, users can create rich looking images and zoom, pan and rotate the field into position.


- two modes for creating drills and plays
- in-app playbook allows users to save plays and quickly recall them to swipe between them
- vector graphics for higher quality motion and transformations
- erase different elements (players, doodles and text)
- undo doodle feature to correct a mistake
- select from different drawing tools (ex. box, straight line, circle, free hand)
- multi-touch gesture mode to transform doodles, text, players and field
- color and doodle line thickness tool bar items
- pre-made field rotations for typical and precise settings
- settings menu when press soft menu key
- play lines that can be dragged into position for scrimmage and first down (can be turned off in settings)
- options for ball and a referee
- save image to SD or playbook

Please email me for support or feature requests:

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